Valuation and buying


We valuate based on prices in today’s market. So based on what you have to pay for that bottle at this moment.
That is also the price you need to have for insurance.

There are a few things that influence the value:

  1. Rarity
  2. State of the bottle and packaging
  3. Filling level

The filling level is especially important as it is a good indication for the drinkability of the bottle. If it is too low than there is a big possibility that the alcohol level has dropped significantly and therefore the drinkability.

Value is one thing, getting that value is another. So if you want to sell, keep in mind that it will cost you. Time or money.
Do it yourself (through vending sites or auctions) or sell it to someone in one buy.

Buying your whisky’s

We do buy liquors (liqueur, whisky or brandies) as well.
If you want to sell the bottles you found in the cellar, please send us a list of the liquors and picture(s) of every bottle.
We will  make you a honourable offer. We are especially interested in older bottles. Bear in mind that the price we offer you, will be a 35 to 50% lower than the prices of the valuation.

You will understand that we have to earn as well on those bottles.


Please don’t forget to mail a picture(s) of the bottle(s) you want to have evaluated or you like to sell to us.
Please make a picture of the bottle as well as the label.
You can mail this pictures, your questions or remarks to:

Or use a upload service like