Crawford’s three star


A & A Crawford was a whisky blender and merchant who started business in Leith in 1860. The 3 Star blend was launched just before the turn of the century, followed by the deluxe 5 Star Blend which was launched in the 1920s. This is an old bottle of Crawford’s three star. It is named the best of the best.

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A & A Crawford was founded in Leith in 1860 and released this 3 Star Special Reserve (they went on to add a 5 Star in 1920). In 1944 it was the most popular brand in Scotland. DCL took notice and bought the brand, only to fade it out to make more room for their Johnnie Walker, Dewar’s and White Horse. In 1986, however, the brand was sold to Whyte & Mackay, but they did not give it a second lease on life. Today, you will be hard pressed to find a bottle.

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