Italian Tax seals

Led & tin seals (1933 – 1952)

1933 -1944

The first led, or tin seal was released and used from 27/11/1933 until 31/05/1944. You will notice besides the coat of arms of the Savoia family there are two “fasci” from the “fascist” era, fascio in italian is a “bundle” or “sheaf” with an axe blade on top.

1944 -1947

Then came the Sigillo Regno (Royal Seal” from 01/06/1944 until 30/12/1947 and it has two curtains instead of the “fasci”

1947 -1949

Then came, from 31/12/1947 until 29/04/1949 , the Sigillo Testa (Head Seal), signifying the new Italian Republic.

1949 -1952

And last came from 30/04/1949 until 15/06/1959 the Star Seal, or Sigillo Testa. This was the last one, after that came the in-famous paper flags.

Tax banderole (1952 – now)

1952 -1971

PINK flag WITH THREE STARS: Begin use 1952 Bottled before or in 1971.

1971 -1976

PINK flag WITH TWO STARS and 3/4 litter statement: Bottled after 1971 and before 1976

1976 -1991

PINK flag WITH TWO STARS and Litre 0,750 statement: Bottled after 1976 and before 1991.

1991 -2005

HALF PINK and HALF GREEN flag with 0,700 Litre statement: Bottled after 1991 and before 2005.

After 2005

Banderole green letters (A B C ) + numbers since 2005

To determine which is older just follow the alphabet: Serie A -001- sottoserie ….. To Serie Z and then Serie AA and so on. Often though we find discrepancies on this timing table, that is we can find a bottle with for example 3 stars which we know has been bottled for example in 1973. This is easily explained, nowadays it is the Custom’s Office which applies the flags, but many years ago bottlers and producers would just buy large quantities of these paper “stamps” and apply them on their own, this means that for example a certain producer in 1973 still had a quantity of 3 star banderoles and they were of course allowed to use them until exhaustion before having to buy the new kinds. So this system is not 100% spot on but it gives you at least a guideline.